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Baileys White chocolate Fudge

If you are a fan of Baileys liquor you are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE this smooth luxurious fudge. I make this fudge only at Christmas. It has become a special family tradition. I found the recipe a few years ago in a newspaper and have been making it annually ever since. My daughter loves it and every Christmas she always asks, “Mum, are you going to make the Baileys fudge?” It makes a great gift too! People will be begging you for the recipe. 


150ml Baileys
50ml milk
30g butter
350g caster sugar
300g good quality white cooking chocolate, broken into squares
(0.126 standard drinks per piece)

Line a square 20cm cake tin or baking dish with baking paper.
Measure out 125ml of Baileys and pour into the saucepan.
Add the milk, butter and caster sugar and put the pan over a low heat. Stir occasionally, until the sugar has dissolved and the butter melted(this takes about 10 min).
Turn up the heat to medium and stir while the mixture gently simmers.


You want the bubbles to be calmly breaking the surface for 8 min. Remove pan from the heat and stir in chocolate and the last 25 ml baileys. Keep stirring until chocolate has melted and you have a smooth consistency. If the chocolate is slow to melt, put the pan over a low heat and stir until smooth.


Transfer to the tin and chill for at least two hours. Cut into small squares.

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