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New Zealand Lolly Cake (AU Version)

120g Butter
1 Packet (250g) of Arnotts Malt O Milk Biscuits - crushed
1/2 a tin (200g) of Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 Packet (190g) of Eskimo lollies or Fruit Puffs
Dessicated Coconut

In a saucepan over a low heat, melt butter and condensed milk.
Cut up Eskimo lollies into bite sized chunks.
Mix butter, condensed milk, crushed Malt biscuits and lollies together.
Form into a log shape. Roll in coconut.
Chill in fridge for 4 hours.
When set, cut into slices and serve.

The humble Lolly Cake made with “Pascall Eskimo Lollies” was always on the table at birthday parties when I was a child. Brings back so many memories. I also remember buying a 50cent mixture of lollies in a small white paper bag from the Dairy (Milk Bar for my Aussie followers) and there was always at least one Eskimo lolly in the mixture. They were myfavourite, especially the pink ones. Today a 50 cent mixture would probably only get you 5 lollies (if that) but back in the 1970’s 50cents of lollies was an enormous bag of lollies, or so it seemed.
Unfortunately, we can’t buy the Griffins Malt biscuits here in Oz so I rely on hubby or friends bringing them back from visits. However, in this version I have used Australian Arnotts Malt O Milks. You can by Eskimo lollies in the international section of Woolworths’ Supermarkets, even though they cost an arm and a leg! We have recently discovered you can buy the Eskimos and Griffins Malt Biscuits online at along with many other iconic kiwi grocery items.

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